Become a Quilt Storyteller with Cinzia White’s Award-Winning Quilt

Become a Quilt Storyteller with Cinzia White’s Award-Winning Quilt

Posted by Katie Van Amburg on May 7th 2019

When Cinzia White started making the 2 1/4’’ hexagon blocks for her new quilt project, she didn’t realize she was also telling a story. She wanted a challenging but fun project that could travel with her and would take a long time to create. (As Cinzia writes, “Having quilted for almost thirty years, I have reached a stage where I need to make quilts more than I need quilts!”)

She began a sampler quilt made up of 363 small hexagon blocks, and worked on the project for many years before she realized: each of the blocks represented significant people, places, and events that had shaped her life over the course of making the quilt. Thus, she named the quilt Raconteur—The Storyteller’s Collection.

Raconteur—The Storyteller’s Collection

Having won multiple awards in the United Kingdom, United States, and Australia, Raconteur is now available for you to make in Cinzia White’s new book, The Storyteller’s Sampler Quilt. The 363 blocks, divided into 59 flower-shaped collections, will challenge your hand-piecing and foundation-piecing skills and also intrigue paper piecers with helpful tips about using English paper piecing.

A collection of seven hexagon blocks.

Channeling Dear Jane, this king-size sampler quilt is perfect for anyone who wants a long-term, take-along project with hundreds of unique blocks to try. The beautiful Grandmother’s Flower Garden arrangement brings together all 363 unique blocks in a pleasing format.

Can you spot this hexagon collection as one of the flowers in the quilt?

For quilters who love the hexagons but want to start with a less challenging project, there is a gallery with examples of other small projects to make with the Raconteur blocks, including block enlargement instructions.

One of the gallery projects, Scattered Footpath by Carol Le Maitre.

Tell your own story with this award-winning quilt!

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