Baby Quilt Designs

Baby Quilt Designs

Posted by Alice Mace Nakanishi on Jul 21st 2016

You’re at a baby shower. The room is full of baby-themed decorations in pink or blue pastels, adorned with cartoonish baby animals, balloons, and delicate flowers. The mom-to-be opens your gift ... “It’s a baby quilt!” she exclaims. What is that special quilt going to look like?

Whatever the design, you’re sure to find something in the new Make series booklet Make Baby Quilts. This collection of ten baby quilts by top quilt designers contains a range of design styles to suit a range of tastes.

Will your gift be a baby quilt in classic blocks and colors?

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Or one with a frilly, feminine look?

Will your quilt put a modern spin on the traditional, reminiscent of days playing the game of jacks?

Or will you create a more free-form winter scene?

With Make Baby Quilts, you can create a memorable gift that will be used, displayed, and cherished.

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