Art Dolls for Every Occasion

Art Dolls for Every Occasion

Posted by Shirley Hudson on Sep 13th 2021

For thousands of years, women have been making dolls for their children to play with. As kids we played and played, often until our dolls became torn and tattered. Sometimes the fascination for dolls never leaves us, even as we mature and grow older. Dolls are so much more than a toy—they lift our spirits, remind us of simpler times, drive our imaginations, and liven up our home decor.

Making art dolls is a passion of mine. Art dolls are not made for children but for people who are children at heart, like you and me! There are no rules and no right way to make them. Be playful and experiment; try something new and different. Let go of perfectionism! As children, we made art from pure joy and experimentation. Now is the time to find that spirit again. Art dolls should come from your imagination, so get out of your comfort zone and let loose!

I began making Halloween dolls because I really love the holiday. As a child, it meant free candy, fun, and an escape from the usual homework and duties. I learned many crafting skills over the years, including how to use common, easy-to-find materials and make them special. My first doll of this kind was a goofy witch. She was cute, and I was hooked!

In this book, you will learn how to sew primitive playful doll shapes, paint faces with ease, use several mediums for extra texture, and embellish. The sky’s the limit!



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