Are Quilters “Too Hard to Shop For”?

Are Quilters “Too Hard to Shop For”?

Posted by Jen Lopez on Feb 22nd 2023


People who have very specific hobbies such as quilting are often told “you are too hard to shop for”, no doubt because our hobby is confusing to others who couldn’t tell a walking foot from a fat quarter. That doesn’t mean you can’t still give a thoughtful gift to a quilter. Surely, they don’t need any more fabric, and sewing machines are so expensive. What can we do for our quilting friend that would be appreciated? Instead of a tangible gift, how about an experience? An afternoon at a quilt museum would be great fun for your quilting friend and you might even learn something, too. The New England Quilt Museum in Lowell, MA was a delightful experience for me for the beauty and craftsmanship of the historic quilts and there were so many looms and machines of infinite complexity that my husband was captivated.

A road trip to a far-off quilting shop could be fun for the both of you, as the destination does not have to be the only purpose. A scenic ride and a nice lunch someplace could both be part of the journey. I can always find a model train shop along the way to any quilt shop so there can be a fun stop for my husband, too.

If road tripping for quilts isn’t your jam, how about something that would make your quilter’s hobby experience better? I do not know a single quilter who does not get excited about storage solutions. How about a trip to Ikea for shelving? A friend in my quilting group was ecstatic on Christmas morning when her husband gifted her a 5x5 cubicle set-up for her workspace. She posted photos of it before she posted photos of the kids!

The next time you are stuck for gifting ideas for that special quilter in your life, be creative and think outside the block!


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