Amish Quilts a New Way

Amish Quilts a New Way

Posted by Deirdre Quirk on Aug 20th 2015

Back in 1983, C&T Publishing was founded when quilt shop owner Carolie Hensley impulsively promised to publish her friend  Roberta Horton’s book, An Amish Adventure. So it’s very fitting that one of the first two books that C&T is releasing under our new Kansas City Star Quilts imprint is another book on Amish quilts:  Amish-Inspired Quilts for Today’s Home.

While our very first book on Amish quilts focused on traditional patterns, colors, and styles,  Carl Hentsch’s new book updates the Amish quilt style for today’s modern home, while still respecting the work and traditions that Amish quiltmakers put into their pieces. While he uses familiar, traditional blocks, he has a very novel approach to color: after choosing six basic colors, he literally spins the color wheel to expand his palate. He then chooses a combination of print and solid fabrics and puts them to together to create ten brilliant patchwork quilts. Take a look at those amazing color combinations!

Whether you’ve made an Amish or Amish-inspired quilt before or not, reading about Carl Hentsch’s combination of traditional blocks and modern color will inspire you to break out of your own color rut and explore unique and adventurous combinations. You can  pre-order Amish-Inspired Quilts for Today’s Home here.

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