All About Quilty Password Keeper & Quilty Coupon Keeper!

All About Quilty Password Keeper & Quilty Coupon Keeper!

Posted by Bonnie K. Hunter on Feb 27th 2020

Things in your Organizing World are about to get more QUILTY!

 I am so excited to have these goodies show up on my doorstep after many months of waiting.

These two little spiral bound babies may be small in size at only 5’’ x 7’’ but they will make your life SO MUCH BETTER!

Why would you need a hand-written password keeper? Because not all things in life are safe in digital.

Take for instance the Quilty Password Keeper 

When my father-in-law’s health got to such that his 3 sons came together to stay with him and to care for him at the end of his life in the comfort of his own home along with hospice care, it was by necessity that family needed his passwords.

Passwords can be many – no longer is it safe to keep them all the same in case of hacking. But neither is it safe to have them all on your phone, tablet or computer.

Dresden! I’m trying to take photos here!

If the phone goes dead and broken (or you do) or it becomes lost - no one can access them without knowing the password for the phone and then a different password to access the password app, and so forth. Can YOU remember the password to your password app?

While I was in Arizona, one daunting but necessary task at hand was sitting down with my 80-year-old dad and updating his living will with me, my sister in law, nieces and nephews in attendance.

And along with that, we need to know where to find his passwords so we can take care of things for him.

If something were to happen to me, my kids and my husband need to know where to go for my passwords.

They will be found in my password keeper, locked in the safe. (They all have the safe combination.)

What about all of those changing passwords? I giggled with quilting friends about this yesterday – here’s a place where those Frixxion pens may come in handy! Just iron the page you don’t want anymore and poof!

Or what about keeping one of your Bonnie Hunter's Quilty Pencils in the spiral for ready pencil use that is easily erasable?

As for the “This book belongs to” with all of your personal address, phone info and all of your passwords? Just do yourself a favor and don’t leave it on the bus!

It also makes a great gift item, so pick one up for yourself – and one for a friend!

Continue to stay organized with the Quilty Coupon Keeper!

This is more than just a coupon keeper!

Inside front cover- You can label these pockets however you desire!

There are 16 pockets – and this small 5’’ x 7’’ volume would be great for holding different sizes of needles, fabric swatches, appliqué pieces, embroidery flosses, English paper piecing papers, quilting templates and a variety of other needful things.

Each page has one of my favorite quotes – destined to make you smile.

Inside back cover – with many suggestions for categories.

What would you put in these pockets?

Both of these items will fill your quilty life in needful ways. I’m excited to know how YOU will put them to good use!

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