Adorable Homemade Gifts Anyone Can Make

Adorable Homemade Gifts Anyone Can Make

Posted by Minki Kim on Oct 21st 2019

After writing two Sewing Illustration books, Sew Illustrated and Diary in Stitches, I wanted to reach audiences who are scared of thread drawing so I created projects that anyone can make. You’ll learn to stitch and piece pillows, sewing baskets, and useful gifts for everyone - including you. When I was writing Zakka from the Heart, I imagined myself sewing next to my friends and thought about what would be most useful for them. Zakka from the Heart is my answer to my sewist friends of all different skill levels.


I came up with 16 project ideas that anybody can enjoy. Depending on the project, I introduce different techniques for the beginner and inspire advanced sewist. I love the Strawberry Wool Case because I had so much fun hand-stitching them next my kids on the couch. The clear zipper pockets make this case so practical; not to mention, it's also pretty.

Handmade gifts are some of our most valued and loved presents in our life. I think making things by hand is a very healthy habit that nurtures our busy lives. And, I have found that giving handmade gifts is addictive in a very good way. Zakka From the Heart is all about nurturing that passion and turning it into something special. 

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