Add a Patch Pocket to Any Garment!

Add a Patch Pocket to Any Garment!

Posted by Deirdre Quirk on Apr 2nd 2019

In The Savvy Seamstress, Nicole Mallalieu shows you to change any pattern to suit your style! Today we're sharing her tutorial for adding patch pockets.

Pockets can be functional or decorative, and changing the pocket detailing is probably the simplest addition or variation you can make to a pattern.

Placement is important for both ergonomic and design reasons. As you design the pattern, pin a paper pocket shape to a finished or test garment to check for comfort and ease of use. Also check that it is visually balanced with the proportions and shape of the garment.

Unlined patch pockets are used on jeans, shirts, and many other casual garments and are usually cut from the same fabric as the garment, unless a contrast color or print is used for decorative purposes.

Download the free tutorial HERE

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