A Week of Free-Motion Quilting Designs

A Week of Free-Motion Quilting Designs

Posted by Deirdre Quirk on Aug 17th 2017

365 Free-Motion Quilting Designs is a treasure trove of free-motion quilting inspiration, with a unique design for every single day of the year! The author, Leah Day, suggests preparing fabric sandwiches to practice the new design on each day. To get you started, we've included the first seven designs from the book. Quilt along, and once you're hooked, get yourself a copy of the book, and head to www.LeahDay.com/365 for video tutorials!

Day 1: Shadow Waves

Day 2: Etch n' Sketch

Day 3: Gentle Flames

Day 4: Swirling Flames

Day 5: Basic Spiral

Day 6: Echo Shell

Day 7: Echo Rainbow

Start your quilting journey today!

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