A Super Cute Way to Try Something New

A Super Cute Way to Try Something New

Posted by Roxane Cerda on May 22nd 2019

Jenny McWhinney’s suite of sewing and knitting accessories is a great way to try your hand at thread painting. Her Hedgerow Sewing Suite is a collection of five motifs and four projects that offer inspiration for any crafter who can appreciate a stinking-cute hedgehog or a whimsical border of spools of thread. The sewing bag, thread holder, knitting needle pouch, and pincushion offer four compelling projects to showcase your finished embroidery.

Jenny offers some really great tips to help you make a more polished finished piece, including an ingenious way to be sure your motif is exactly where you want it. Her embroideries are enchanting and her selective use of additional stitches offers unique pops of depth, like the basket on the front of the sewing bag.

In addition to the full-size pattern sheets and the full-size embroidery motifs, you’ll find all the embroidery motifs on iron-on sheets, so you can dive right in and skip hand-transferring the designs.

The easy-to-match color key is super-intuitive to use. 

The tables of stitches to use for each part of the motif are detailed and clear and make jumping right in unintimidating. 

The clear step-by-step instructions for the stitches are easy to follow. 

And, really, if you need any more encouragement to give thread painting a try, is there anything more apropos than a pincushion that features a hedgehog?

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