A New York Beauty Sampler from Down Under

A New York Beauty Sampler from Down Under

Posted by Kathryn Patterson on Feb 26th 2021

Cinzia White has done it again! The designer and author of The Storyteller’s Sampler Quilt has created yet another show-stopping masterpiece, this time a fantastic New York Beauty design.

Cinzia’s new book, Dazzling New York Beauty Sampler, is a deep dive into all the exciting possibilities of this classic quilt block. With 54 different variations on the basic New York Beauty block, the design options are endless.

And in inspiring homage to her home country, Cinzia has designed and named the blocks for Australian wildlife. From bandicoots to wombats and everything in between, the block names alone are a worthwhile education!

The unique medallion setting of the quilt and the spiked border will take your skills to the next level, and the scrappy fabrication will hold your interest and decimate some of those fabric piles as an added bonus. If you’re looking for your next quilt making challenge, check out Dazzling New York Beauty Sampler!


Dazzling New York Beauty Sampler

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