A Modern Twist on the Log Cabin Block

A Modern Twist on the Log Cabin Block

Posted by Deirdre Quirk on May 24th 2016

Everyone knows and loves the old Log Cabin block; it's a wonderful block with a lot of tradition and history. But, as Kathleen Whiting and Natalia Bonner point out in their introduction to Cabin Fever, the materials and methods used to make it have come a long way since it was pieced out of old clothing and tied on to backing—why not update the look of the block as well? 

And boy do they ever! Some of my favorites from the 20 modern Log Cabin quilts presented in Cabin Fever are those made from quarter-log blocks. Like Cabin Keys...

Or Dappled, another twist (get it?) on the quarter-log. 

And I love Floating Cabins, where a white border around the block creates the cool floating effect. 

Incline is another great example of the possibilities of quarter-logs:

Adding a little cornerstone to the block creates a cool star effect in Metropolis!

And these are only the quilts made using a quarter-log block—Kathleen and Natalia have so many more genius ideas for updating Log Cabins! Which one is your favorite?

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