A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Photoshoot

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Photoshoot

Posted by Alison Schmidt on Jan 18th 2016

When we were shooting the styled photographs for the book #OOTD Sew & Style, we ran into quite a few (mis)adventures on our way to getting our perfect shots of teen author Angela Lan modeling the clothes she designed and made for her book. We even got photo proofs of a few!

High-Rise Shorts

Angela styled the Floaty Tank with battered, bleached jeans and a fedora hat.

As we were shooting her walking along a boat dock in Lake Merritt, her fedora went flying off and landed in the water.

Our trusty photo assistant, Sarah, was about to jump in and save it, but we stopped her (who wants to work in waterlogged jeans and sneakers?). The breeze brought Angela’s hat close enough to the built-up edge of the lake that I was able to reach out with a hanger and drag it in.

Hat and shoes saved from the water!

Later, we had decided to do a shot with an ice-cream cone as a prop, but the scoop just jumped off the cone. We saved it and decided there would be NO eating in the shot, but it was such a hot day the rescued scoop just kept melting and dripping.

So we switched to sorbet, and what do you know, it doesn’t melt as quickly as ice cream?!

It’s never a dull day on a C&T photoshoot, and we always get our shot!

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