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A Dozen Diamond Quilts

Posted by Kathryn Patterson on Sep 10th 2020

Longing to make a Lone Star style quilt, but intimidated by diamond templates, inset seams, and other construction challenges? Popular C&T author Barbara H. Cline’s new book, Diamond Star Quilts, presents beginner-friendly techniques for mastering 8-pointed diamond star designs, all without set-in seams!

The 12 beautiful quilt patterns in Barbara’s book take you on a journey from basic stars to more complex constellations. Even the easiest projects will wow you:

Beginner Project, 54” x 54”

And once you’ve learned a few tricks, like the fun split-diamond technique, the sky is the limit:

Faceted Winter Star, 48” x 48”

Twirling and A-Swirling, 48” x 48”

Barbara has even included a bonus project to introduce kids and grandkids to the geometry and beauty of 8-pointed star quilts. It’s kid-tested and approved by her grandchildren, Brighton and Asher!

A Lone Star style quilt is an accomplishment any quilter can point to with pride. Let Barbara make your Lone Star journey easy, fun, and successful!


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