A Crazy Quilter's Stitch along

A Crazy Quilter's Stitch along

Posted by Sharon Boggon on Jan 6th 2023

Gather your crazy quilting supplies together as I am running a monthly stitch along to make my ‘Diamonds are Forever’ Quilt that appears on the cover of my Visual Guide to Crazy Quilting Design and my new book Crazy Quilting for Beginners Handy Pocket Guide. The stitch along is fun, free, and you can use up a pile of stuff you have been hoarding for years. Along the way you will also learn a lot about crazy quilting.


Each month the ‘block’ will be 3 of the crazy quilted diamonds that are set in a tumbling block pattern in the quilt. To illustrate what I mean I have drawn a dashed yellow line around what I am calling a ‘block’. You can paper piece the block or just roughly follow the pattern and use the sew-and-flip method. Remember there are no rules in Crazy Quilting!


When embellishing, you can follow what I have done, adapt my ideas, or embellish the blocks anyway you choose. As resources I will link to stitch tutorials on Pintangle. In some cases, information about a technique will be in my books.

Since these blocks make up a crazy quilt, you may not be able to follow exactly what I have done, as you will not be able to have exactly the same ribbons, lace, beads, and doodads that I have used. That is not a problem as crazy quilting celebrates invention and creativity so crazy quilters constantly adapt or take an idea and turn it into something else. That is part of the joy of crazy quilting. This is also why this stitch along will be so much fun. My aim is to spark ideas, and encourage you to feed your creative self. You have as much creative freedom as you want. It will be an adaptable stitch-along where we celebrate inventiveness.


For further information about this Crazy Quilter's Stitch along, visit my site Pintangle, where you can find out about the stitch along the block size, what you need and what resources will be available if you are just starting out on your crazy quilting journey. While there you can pick up a pdf file of the diamond size.

The stitch along is free. I will release a pattern and information about how you might go about embellishing the ‘block’ in the middle of the month each month. Save the date as I will publish the first set of 3 diamonds on 12 January this year.


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About Sharon Boggon

Sharon Boggon has been fabricating since she was a little girl. She trained in fine arts in Perth, Western Australia, and developed great skill in contemporary embroidery and crazy quilting. She has taught crazy quilting internationally and online, and was a lecturer in the Textiles Department at the Canberra School of Art, part of the Australian National University. She lives in Canberra, Australia's "bush capital," with her woodworking husband. They have one grown daughter who is a circus performer and costume designer.