A Complete Scandinavian Experience Crafted Here

A Complete Scandinavian Experience Crafted Here

Posted by Michele Fry on Jun 18th 2015

Travel to a new land … and sew! In Urban Scandinavian Sewing, that’s what author Kirstyn Cogan has asked me to do, and those are two of my favorite things. 

In 18 projects, Kirstyn presents pretty, simple ways to up your home and fashion style. She shows how little things add flair and panache in your interior space. Scandinavian style is trendy these days, but these styles are beyond the trend. They have staying power. They have personality. They have uses. The book is so enjoyable, I think, because it gives more than instructions: Kirstyn shares a cultural experience, which adds to the favorite things of mine covered in her book. 

She entices me with a few recipes–cooked by Uncle Tomte–because I’m often curious about international cuisine. I discover these quirky tidbits about a distant land (Iceland and Finland are far)! About Maypoles and flower wreaths. Linen and wool. Holidays in winter and parties in Midsommar – that’s not a typo; it’s a Scandinavian thing! Ah, Scandinavian things!

Traveling, decorating, eating – I almost don’t know how to file this book. But the sleek and stylish projects—from a pretty, sheer apron to pocket toys for the kiddos, from the table runner to the pillow wraps—are the heart of it. Check it out. What’s catching your eye and imagination?

You can purchase Urban Scandinavian Sewing here