A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Quilts du Jour

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Quilts du Jour

Posted by Marny Buck and Jill Guffy on Oct 7th 2015

Quilts du Jour’s story started over dinner. It was the perfect beginning for a book that would eventually offer four menus of blocks and projects!

Roxane Cerda, the Stash Books acquisitions editor, was enthusiastic and encouraging. It seemed the time was right; our business was established, our respective kids were all settled, and between us we’d recently had three grandchildren born. It seemed like a peaceful, calm window of opportunity lay ahead.

What were we thinking?

In the time it took to make the 18 projects, write the book, edit the book, proof the book twice, and run our pattern business, we helped our five children with six moves and, for more joyous excitement, three more grandchildren arrived. And we wouldn’t change a single minute of it.

It has been a hectic, rewarding, wonderful couple of years. We are thrilled with Quilts du Jour. Our team at C&T and Stash Books were knowledgeable, supportive, and professional. The photographs, diagrams, and text convey so much information in a fun, easily followed format. We love it! And we know you will too!

Here is a little behind-the-scenes look into the publication journey of Quilts du Jour. All the finished projects were sent for book photos before the manuscript was due!

Paperwork, photo documentation, 60 pages of guidelines in a notebook, forms to be filled out…

...Collating the projects

Pressed quilts, backside up, ready to be folded into boxes…

...Plump pillows packed

Just like with food, presentation is everything!

Quilts du Jour is now available for purchase on ctpub.com. Pick up your copy today!

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