2025 Patchwork Place Quilt Calendar

2025 Patchwork Place Quilt Calendar

Posted by Gailen Runge, Creative Director at C&T Publishing on Jul 1st 2024

It's really exciting to say "Back by popular demand!" And it's true! Although with a twist.

Martingale published a wonderful calendar called That Patchwork Place Quilt Calendar. When Martingale sadly closed its doors, the calendar run ended. But customers all over the US and Canada wanted it back, and our larger customers reached out and asked if we would pick up the mantle. Yes, yes we would! And so it's back, with the 2025 Patchwork Place Quilt Calendar

And it was fun to put together! The first step was combing recent books for great projects. We would have been absolutely overwhelmed by possibilities except the projects needed to meet a couple of criteria: They had to have a beautiful lifestyle photo, and they needed to be concise enough to fit in the pattern booklet. If the pattern relied on a more complicated technique, we had to pass.

We created a spreadsheet of possibilities and then discussed them as a team. Some projects were perfect for specific months… The first project we all agreed upon is our cover model—Kim Diehl's Farmer's Market quilt for September. Early fall, abundant farmer's market harvest, a total vibe.

The next easy slot was the patriotic Farmhouse from Ellen Murphy for July.

And our winter wonders slipped in next: Snow Kissed by Shelley Cavanna and Modern Madras Table Runner by Jen Sampou (which is actually two-sided with a summer-sizzling warm color way on the back).

I have to say, it was such a treat to hunt for calendar quilts! I revisited so many fabulous books. It was the best kind of reunion… sitting quietly and visiting old friends both with their wonderful projects but also the fabulous authors and their unique quilting voices. Mary Fons, Vanessa Goertzen, Amanda Niederhauser, Angie Wilson, Sandra Clemens, and more… I got to spend time with each of them, at least in their pages. And when I reached out to let them know their work was selected as a calendar quilt, they were all excited. It's great to share that!

I hope you find new friends in the calendar pages, whether it's a toasty lodge feel from February, a sparkling spring quilt, or sea-glass feeling summer number… they are all keepers, just like the calendar itself.