Bargello—Quilts in Motion Class Plan

by Ruth Ann Berry

Batikiello: Bargello Quilt Project 82" x 94"

Class Description
Any quilter with good basic sewing skills can come away from this class with all that they need to create a Bargello style quilt. Students will learn about selecting fabric for a Bargello, constructing strip sets, building vertical columns and attaching columns together into a quilt top. Each student will complete the first few columns of their quilt top so that they have all the skills they need to finish the project at home.

Class Length
This class could be divided into three 2-hour sessions or used as an all-day event at a quilter's retreat.

Class Supply List
Required text: Bargello—Quilts in Motion by Ruth Ann Berry
3/4 yard each of 10 batiks graduating in value from light to dark
3/4 yard each of 10 solid or tonal fabrics in the same color family graduating in value from light to dark
thread for piecing
rotary cutter, mat and ruler
small utility baskets or zip lock bags for storing various width Bargello strips
clear tape for making a fabric chart
marking pencil
Tip: Kitting the project with various combinations of batiks and background color options will be greatly appreciated by those students who find fabric selection stressful.

Classroom Preparation
First Session: Each student needs a cutting station. Set up a common pressing station
Second and Third Session: Each student needs a sewing machine. Set up a common cutting station and common pressing station.

Class Agenda
Detailed instructions and photos for all steps may be found in the chapter titled: "Basic Bargello Quilt Construction" (page 6)
First Session:
1. Select fabric
2. Cut fabric strips

Second Session: It is suggested that the students construct one strip set each of the batiks and the solids then cut as many Bargello strips as they can from the two sets before continuing to make the rest of the strip sets so that they can have time in this session to start cutting Bargello strips. They can build the rest of the strip sets at home.
1. Construct strip sets
2. Cut Bargello strips

Third Session: The students should construct as many vertical columns as they can with the Bargello strips they have cut, then sew those columns together to get the quilt top started. They will then have tried all of the steps and have enough knowledge to be comfortable completing the project at home.
1. Construct Vertical Columns
2. Sew Vertical Columns