24 Quilted Gems Class Plan

by Gai Perry

Notes to Instructors & Shop Owners
Many of the quilts in 24 Quilted Gems have been shown in earlier publications and quilt shows. Over the years I've received numerous requests for the patterns. Finally, here is the pattern book! In it, you'll find complete instructions, including fabric and color suggestions, for 24 quilts. Each of the projects requires a full-day class to get the student far enough into the design to be able to complete it at home. The emphasis is on design and beautiful color combinations rather than quick cutting and sewing techniques.

Class Description
The class description for your newsletter will vary depending on which quilt you choose to teach. Allow a full day for the class. When writing your class description, be sure to emphasize how much the students will learn about design and color choices.

Teacher Preparation
Make a sample of the quilt to hang in the shop prior to class. Refer to the book for fabric requirements and familiarize yourself with design and construction methods for the project of your choice.

Supply List
You will find a sample supply list for students below. Note that I require students to bring fabric for the blocks to class, but other fabrics (additional block fabrics, borders, etc.) can be purchased in the shop as needed. This method is good for the shop and also good for the student because it eliminates the possibility of buying a large quantity of fabric that would perhaps end up being inappropriate.

In the Classroom
At the beginning of class, discuss the philosophy of scrap quilts: how "more is better" and if a quilter puts dozens of different fabrics into a quilt, a few clinkers won't be noticed. Have the students set up their design boards. At this point, you can look at their fabrics and make suggestions for colorful additions. Then students can make templates and begin cutting fabrics and designing on their flannel.

If you have any questions about teaching from 24 Quilted Gems, please email me and we can discuss it: gaiperry@aol.com

Sample Supply List: Plate Quilts Class

  • Required textbook: 24 Quilted Gems by Gai Perry
  • sewing machine in good working order
  • basic cutting, marking, and sewing supplies
  • template plastic
  • straight pins
  • design board or one yard of white flannel
  • fabric needed depends on which quilt you choose:

Blue Plate Special (61" x 70"): This quilt contains 25 ten-inch plate blocks. Gather quarter-yard cuts (or 9-1/2" x 12" scraps) of 7-10 blue and white prints for the plate rims. (Or choose a different one-color-plus-white combination.) You will also need 4-5 quarter-yard cuts of lighter-colored blue and white prints for the plate centers.

Chintzware Plates (56" x 67"): This quilt contains 16 ten-inch plate blocks. Gather quarter-yard cuts (or 9-1/2" x 12" scraps) of at least 11 compatible floral prints for the plate rims. You will also need 16 different 6" x 6" pastel solids for the plate centers.

Oriental Plates (46" x 56"): This quilt contains 9 ten-inch plate blocks. Gather quarter-yard cuts (or 9-1/2" x 12" scraps) of 9 Oriental-style prints for the plate rims. You will also need 1-1/8 yards of a light-colored tone-on-tone print for the plate centers and background.

Prior to Class Choose one of the 3 plate quilt patterns from 24 Quilted Gems and read all the how-to information prior to class. I suggest that you purchase the plate block fabrics in advance and select the background and shelf fabrics during class as needed. At the beginning of class we will customize the patterns to suit your individual size and color requirements.