Wedge Quilt Workshop

Diamond Chain Class Plan

From Wedge Quilt Workshop

By Christina Cameli


Class Description:
This is a joyful class to teach; not technically difficult, but with a striking modern result. Sharing a few crucial skills allows students to walk away with an in-progress quilt that can be easily completed on their own. The use of subcut wedge sets makes this an appropriate project for beginners. Intermediate quilters will enjoy the fresh challenge of working with wedges. Photo on page 90.


Class Length:
6 hours of classroom time. This can easily work as an all-day class, but if it is split into two sessions, students will have the chance to complete their wedge sets after the first session and return ready for the next steps.


Class Supply List:

  • Required text: Wedge Quilt Workshop by Christina Cameli
  • Assorted solids: 1 yard each of 7 different colors
  • Accent print: 1/2 yard of 44” wide fabric
  • Background solid: 3 3/4 yards
  • Temporary fabric marker
  • 1/4” foot for sewing machine (strongly recommended)
  • 10° wedge ruler from Phillips Fiber Art (optional)
  • Pressing spray and non-slip ruler product (optional)


To finish at home:

  • Backing: 7 1/2 yards
  • Batting: pieced to 89” x 100”
  • Binding: 2/3 yard


Classroom Preparation:
Individual workspaces should include cutting mats, rotary cutters, and quilting rulers, or these should be included on the supply list. The wedges for this project are 16” long, so cutting mats at least 22” wide are recommended. Shared pressing stations should be available.


Students who do not have a wedge ruler will need to make two wedge templates from the pattern in the book, to use with quilting rulers, for cutting fabric. Paper to make the templates should be at least 16” long and clear tape should be available to attach templates to the ruler.


Class Agenda:

First 3 hours/ First session:

  1. Demonstrate how to use wedge ruler and/or template (pp. 15–16).
  2. Cut wedges (p. 14).
  3. Join cut wedges into sets of 5. (p. 92).

Second 3 hours/ Second session:

  1. Trim wedge sets.
  2. Demonstrating cutting fabric for background (p. 91).
  3. Align and join background to trimmed wedge sets (p. 92).
  4. Join blocks.