We Love to Sew - Gifts Class Plan

PomPom Scarf

From We Love to Sew-Gifts by Annabel Wrigley

Beat the chilly breeze in this soft and warm neck scarf. Make it your own with some fun bright pompoms. This is so easy to sew that your students will be making them for everyone on their birthday list!

This class is designed for children aged 7 years and up. The students should have a basic knowledge of the sewing machine and should feel comfortable sewing a straight line. This would be a great project for beginner sewists.

Children will learn how to rule and cut their own fabric, make fabric choices and learn to pin fabric correctly . They will learn how to sew in a straight line and to pivot around corners.

The students will also learn how to whipstitch.


Class Length

This project would be great for a 1- 1.5-hour class; this would include time for cutting their own fabric. The last 30 minutes of the class could be dedicated to pom pom making.

Class Supply List


Required text – We Love to Sew-Gifts by Annabel Wrigley

Sewing Machine

½ yard of fleece or wool stretch fabric

Removable ink pen (like Pilot Frixion)

Fun colored yarn.

4 cardboard pieces 5” x 5”

Basic sewing supplies.

Classroom Preparation

Each Student will need their own sewing machine and access to an ironing board.

Class Agenda

Follow the instructions on pages 42-46 to show you how to:

1. Prepare you pieces

2 Use pins correctly.

3. Iron your piece to make it super neat.

4. Sew with the edge of the presser foot on the edge of the fabric.

5. Learn about the no-sew-zone.

6. Learn how to whipstitch the hole closed.

7. Make multi colored pompoms.