Tumbler Quilts Class Plan

Tumbler Block: Baby Blue Quilt

From Tumbler Quilts by Valerie Prideaux


Class Description

This class will cover making the “Baby Blue” quilt found in my book, Tumbler Quilts: Just one Shape, Endless Possibilities. The class is suitable for advanced beginners. In the first section of the class students will learn how to cut and sew angled blocks used in this pattern. The second part of the class will review block placement, and students will begin assembling their quilts row by row. The final section will cover discussion of how to complete the quilt, including looking quilting possibilities.

This class gives a great opportunity for shops to help participants shop for fabrics before the class. Refer to the book for alternate design possibilities. Maybe they want to use solids, or lots of boldly patterned fabrics.. the background fabric helps tie them all together! Students will be well on their way to a completed quilt top by the end of the class, with all the skills they need to finish it at home. 

Class Length

4 hour class

Class Supply List

  • Required text: Tumbler Quilts by Valerie Prideaux
  • Fabric requirements: See page 55 of the book for fabric requirements. (Note: this is a great opportunity for students to experiment with color choices, as the background fabric separates and at the same time unifies them.

Class Agenda

  • Session 1: (3/4 hr) Demonstrate how to cut 3.5” strips of all fabrics, and subcutting the design fabrics into tumbler blocks. Demonstrate cutting 3.5” strips of background fabric into spacer blocks, emphasizing the need to mark the bottom edge of each spacer block in some way. Note: you may substitute 3 blocks of fabric A in place of one block B.

  • Session 2: ( 2 1/2 hr) Have students cut most or all of their design fabrics, then have them move to the design wall and experiment with placement. When they are happy with their layout, demonstrate piecing blocks together, and demonstrate how to be make blocks align properly vertically. Demonstrate ironing seams to one side on each row, alternating so one row is pressed to the left and the next is pressed to the right.
  • Session 3: (3/4 hr) Have students show their work to the group, and start a discussion of quilt design options that suit their fabric and design choices.

Classroom requirements: Each student will need a cutting station and a simple design wall. Set up common pressing stations.