Transparency Quilts Class Plan

by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr

Introduction to Transparency
Making the Share and Share Alike quilt

Class Description
Learn how to create elegant transparency effects by making the easy-to-sew Share and Share Alike quilt from Transparency Quilts by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr. You'll learn about value and how to select tone-on-tone prints or solids from the color wall to make the quilt. Requiring only four fabrics, you'll find Share and Share Alike can be adapted easily to your favorite color palette and it'll be fun to see how everyone's quilt is unique. You'll leave not only with a good start on the quilt, but with the knowledge of how to make fabric selections for other quilts from this innovative book.

Class Length
This class could be run multiple ways. It would work well as a hands-on sewing class for beginners starting with fabric selection and sewing skills and progressing over several weeks to the completion of the quilt. It would also be successful as a one-time two-hour class during which students pick materials and learn to make the basic block from strip sets.

Class Supply List
Because the core concept is about fabric selection and understanding value, it is ideal to have students buy all the fabrics during the class. The book gives yardage requirements for three different sizes: baby quilt, napping quilt and queen quilt. In addition students will need a copy of Transparency Quilts and standard cutting and sewing supplies.

Classroom Preparation
This class does not require special facilities, but preparation of sample blocks in multiple colorways will help students understand the range of possibilities.

Class Agenda

  1. Understanding transparency: Selecting your fabrics (pp10-20, p31 and pp36-37)
  2. Preparations and making strip sets (pp31-33)
  3. Making blocks (p34)
  4. Assembly and finishing (pp34-35)