Transfer Embellish Stitch

True North Tote Class


From Transfer Embellish Stitch: 16 Textile Projects for the Modern Maker

By Sarah Case and Jen Fox


Class Description:

A fun project for a beginning sewer. Students will learn reverse appliqué, basic hand embroidery, and construction techniques for a simple tote. Follow the instructions for this versatile tote exactly or personalize it with your choice of motif and embellishment. Choose a different stitch or stitching placement, or perhaps add touches of fabric paint!


Class Length:

Two days, 3 hours per day.


Class Supply List:

• Required text: Transfer Embellish Stitch: 16 Textile Projects for the Modern Maker

• Embroidery transfer paper

• Ballpoint pen or pencil

• Embroidery floss: 3 colors

• Embroidery needle

• Fabric, main body: 5/8 yd

• Fabric, contrasting body: 1/3 yd

• Fabric, lining: 3/4 yd

• Strap material: kraft•tex, 7/8 yd OR interfaced fabric, 1/3 yd

• Mediumweight woven interfacing, 20˝ wide: 2 ¼ yd

• Coordinating thread

• Optional: magnetic purse snap


Classroom Preparation:

Each student will need table space and access to an outlet for their sewing machine. There should also be a pressing station for every three students attending.


Class Agenda:

Follow instructions in the book, encouraging students to choose from the motifs provided or even design their own. (Tip: If they are designing their own, be sure to set them up for success. Double check their design will work for the reverse appliqué technique.) Detailed instructions for the True North Tote are found on pp. 38-44. 


Day 1:


     Choose motif

     Cut fabric


     Make a copy of the motif

     Use motif, accent fabric, and main fabric for reverse appliqué

     Assemble exterior body


Day 2:

     Embellish with hand embroidery (Encourage students’ own expression here—choose a different stitch or a different placement, or perhaps use fabric paint instead!)

     Make the straps

     Make the pocket

     Assemble the interior body

     Sew it all together

     Optional: add a magnetic snap