This Mouse – An Adventure in Sewing Class Plan

A Mouse Adventure! Make an Elephant from Mouse!  

From This is Mouse–An Adventure in Sewing by Brenna Maloney

Class Description

In one of his many adventures, Mouse goes on safari. There, he meets up with Elephants. If you are a beginner or intermediate sewer, you’re ready to take on the pattern for Elephant. You’ll be reviewing some basic sewing skills and learning to sew and trim curves. When you’re all done, you’ll have a fine Elephant and the start of a new adventure for Mouse! And for fun, you can change the size of the pattern to make big or little Elephants.

Class Length

Experienced sewers should need about an hour to complete this project. Younger sewers may need a little longer.  

Class Supply List

This is Mouse–An Adventure in Sewing by Brenna Maloney (pages 36-41

             Fabric: 1⁄4 yard or fat quarter


              Yarn, ribbon, rope, or tassel: about 2” (5cm) long

              2 buttons

Classroom Preparation

For fun, reduce or enlarge the patterns so that students can make larger or smaller size Elephants.

Class Agenda

1.   Choose your fabric. You’re in the jungle, now….Go wild!

2.   Trace the Elephant pattern pieces onto the back of your fabric.

3.   Cut out your pieces.

4.   Sew the ears first and turn them.

5.   Make slits in the Elephant’s head to insert the ears and sew them in place.

6.   Sew the body pieces together.

7.   Add the underbelly.

8.   Stuff firms and handstitch opening closed.

9.   Add a tail made from a tassel (or ribbon or rope!)

10. Add eyes.

11. You’re all done!