The Ultimate Guide to Transfer Artist Paper Class Plan

Exploring TAP Transfer Artist Paper

From The Ultimate Guide to Transfer Artist Paper by Lesley Riley

Class Description

A fun and easy class for all levels. Students will learn how to transfer images and their own artwork onto fabric and paper as well as other surfaces that may be of interest to them. They will leave the class with a handful of samples and a head full of possibilities for future projects.


Class Length

This class can be as quick or in-depth as you would like. Allow 1-3 hours depending on the number of techniques and surfaces you choose to teach and whether you want to instruct them in preparing images for print and printing their own images.


Class Supply List

Preprinted sheets of images should be supplied by shop owner. Allow one printed sheet per person with approximately 8 images and text or quotes, all printed in reverse for transfer.

TAP Transfer Arts Paper 5-sheet package 
The Ultimate Guide to Transfer Artist Paper book
Parchment or silicone release paper
A variety of fabrics and papers to transfer onto 

Scissors or rotary cutter and mat (for both fabric and paper)

Classroom Preparation

One iron for every 4 students is recommended as well as ironing surfaces.

Scissors or rotary cutter and mat

Allow each student 2-3’ of workspace


Class Agenda

Introduction and overview of the possibilities of TAP (p. 6-9)

Explanation of preparing and printing a sheet of TAP for transfer (p. 10-11)

Demo a basic transfer onto fabric and optional paper (p. 12-17)

Students do a transfer

Demo as many optional techniques as desired (pages 28-36)
Students explore other fabrics, surfaces and techniques as time permits.