Sweatshirt Transformations Class Plan

by Londa Rohlfing

Innovative Jacket Project

Class Description

For sewers and quilters with some experience, this medium-skill level jacket project will be just the ticket to introduce them to garment sewing! As they use the 'stitch-and-flip' quilting technique to easily create the pieced collar, cuffs, and front band, they will ease into garment construction that may be new and more of a challenge. With an enthusiastic teacher to help them gain confidence and approximately 9 hours of class time plus some fun and easy homework, they will create a spectacular one-of-a-kind jacket that is "so NOT a sweatshirt!" Along the way, students will learn all about making a simple knit jacket, stabilizing edges, wrapping edges, how to interface fabric for added body, figure flattery, setting in sleeves, AND embellishing with a simple couching technique. Even though each student is making the same style jacket, color, fabric, and yarn choices will make each jacket totally distinctive!

Class Length
For intermediate-to-skilled level sewers, this jacket will take approximately 8 to 9 classroom hours to create (less if students are willing to do some homework). The class is best structured as a 3-session, 3-hour class PLUS the shopping preparation. Homework is assigned after Sessions 1 and 2.

Class Supply List
Required text: Sweatshirt Transformations by Londa Rohlfing
Basic Supplies (helpful Notions) as listed in the book - page 7

    Materials as listed in the book (page 63) include the following:
  • Sweatshirt (size: 2XL)
  • Fabrics:
    • Fabric A—1 yard,
    • Fabric B—1 yard,
    • 1/2 yard each of 5 additional coordinating fabrics
  • 3/4 yard base lightweight fabric (silk organza recommended)
  • 10-15 yards embellishing yarn
  • 4 yards Straight Fusible Stay Tape
  • 3/8 yard interfacing, woven stitch-in or woven fusible
  • 2 safety pins
  • 5 buttons at least 1'' diameter

*Sweatshirt Recommendation: The author uses a top-quality 80% cotton 20% crewneck 'Comfort Color' sweatshirt as offered by BT Choinard at 800-545-6366 in style 1566. (Tell them Londa recommended them to you!) Stock ONLY size 2XL and special order 3XL for larger size requirements. Limit inventory by pre-selecting several colors and have students coordinate fabric and trim with their color choice.

Classroom Preparation
Allow 1/2 of a 6'-8' table per student for adequate sewing/creating space. Each student will require an initial cutting surface of 40'' x 36'' for cutting the sweatshirt "fabric" from Front, Back, and Sleeve pattern pieces. (For experienced garment sewers, class time and cutting surface can be reduced by directing them to follow the preparation steps on page 8 and the cutting of Front, Back and Sleeves on page 12 on their own prior to class.)

Class Agenda

    Session 1 (first 3 hours)
  • Prepare, cut, and stabilize the neckline as directed on page 63
  • Design and stitch the front opening as directed on pages 64-65
  • Homework: Create the Stitch-and-Flip Bands for front, collar, and cuffs as directed on pages 65-66
    Session 2 (second 3 hours)
  • Assemble the jacket as directed on page 65
  • Attach the right front band as directed on page 66
  • Finish the hem as directed on page 67
  • Homework: Create and attach the cuffs as directed on pages 67-68
    Session 3 (third 3 hours)
  • Design the neckline a directed on pages 68-69
  • Make and attach the collar as directed on pages 69-70
  • Create the Closures as directed on pages 70-71