Stunning Stitches for Crazy Quilts


Stunning Stitches for Crazy Quilts Class Plan

By Kathy Seaman Shaw



Stunning Stitches can be used with or without templates. My preference (and that of the hundreds of students I’ve taught) is to use the templates. The book pages can be scanned and printed to paper vellum for making templates. This is an easy task for most but can take some time. You can print these ahead of time; with a 2-day course (one for preparing the templates, one for embroidery). Or you can purchase the ready-made template set from or sites that accompany this book. This is also a great follow-on class to a separate class on sewing a pieced Crazy Quilt block. Or, you can use a simple muslin fabric with faux-seam lines drawn on it to simulate sewn seams.



Create stunning embroidery seam designs using simple basic stitches. Adore these seams with silk ribbon, beads, sequins, and buttons. These are ideal for crazy quilts but can also adorn cuffs, collars, purses, or other sewn objects. Templates are used in marking needle-up/down positions for the stitches; keeping all of the work uniformly spaced and neat.



Recommended Class Size: 5-10



Required text:Stunning Stitches by Kathy Seaman Shaw

12-14 inch quilting hoop or Q-snap frame

Pieced crazy quilt block or solid fabric faux-block

Assorted size package of Chenille needles (sz 24-26)

Assorted size package of Milliners needles (sz 1-3)

Pkg of beading needles

Spool of silk thread or thin thread for beading (2-ply embroidery bobbin thread)

4mm silk ribbon (in at least 3 floral colors)

4mm silk ribbon (in 3 shades of green)

Perle Cotton (sz 8 or 12) in colors to compliment the silk ribbon

Assorted small buttons, sequins, and beads

Assorted seed beads (size 11)



  • Introduction of students and teachers

  • Discussion of supplies

  • Instruction on building layered seams (Pages 9-11)

  • Instruction on beginning/ending fibers and ribbon for embroidery. (Pages 12-14)

  • Instruction on preparing templates (Page 20)

  • Instruction on using templates to mark on fabric (Page 22)

(YouTube videos on preparing and using purchased templates)

Links to download:

Video 1:

Video 2:

  • Instruction on following the pencil marks on fabric (made with templates

in last task) to create the Base Seam of embroidery using perle cotton. (Pages 29-34)

  • Instruction on adding Combination Stitches and Silk Ribbon to the base seam. (Pages 37-50)

  • Instruction on adding Beads and Baubles to the stitched seam.