Sew Home in the Kitchen Class Plan

Trivet for Two

From Sew Home in the Kitchen by Abigail American Bennett

Class Description

This project is perfect for every seamstress, from beginner to skilled. The skills you’ll learn are patching, as well as finishing open side seams. The end result is a set of cool trivets, perfect for the kitchen table, end table or even the nightstand. What everyone will enjoy about that this project (as well as the other projects in my book) is that it’s a short amount of time spent to create a unique and beautiful piece for your home. 


Class Length

Single class - 1 to 2 hours 


Class Supply List

-Sew Home in the Kitchen, book

-4 - 5 fabrics, fat quarters (I suggest taking this time to shop around at the local fabric store where you’re taking this class!  It’s a great opportunity to learn some more about fabric colors and patterns and how they play together. It’s my absolute favorite part of any project, so I’m excited for you and wish I was in class with you!) 

-Insulfleece, 1 fat quarter, from C&T Publishing

-thread and machine


-mat and rotary cutter 


Classroom Preparation

Sewing machine, availability to thread that matches the fabric choices for everyone in the class, scissors, cutting and pressing area as well as inslufleece.


Class Agenda

-Turn to page 32 in Chapter 2 for the project, Trivet for Two.

-follow the steps in this section from start to finish to create your trivet.

-cut your pieces the size as listed 

-sew together and press as you go to create a clean finish