Seasons of Life Quilt Class Plan

“Baltimore Album Style Hand Applique”
From Seasons of Life—Techniques and Patterns for 13 Baltimore Album Quilt Blocks by Sandra L. Mollon
Class Description
With graceful designs, Sandra’s quilt—now a part of the permanent collection in the National Quilt Museum in Paducah KY is a show real stopper.
Now students can create their own heirloom work using Sandra’s patterns and of course they have the option of combining them with other Baltimore Album style blocks to make their own signature style album quilt.
Skill Level: Advanced Beginner +
(Recommended for students who have already taken at least one beginning hand appliqué class.)
Recommended Lesson Plan
Album quilts are naturally a great fit for a ‘block of the month’ series of classes with each session lasting about 3 hours. Taking place over a year, students can learn new skill sets every month which will continue to build on each other. At the end of the year most students will have completed a set of blocks which then can be sewn together to create any size quilt they desire to make.
Starting with the simpler blocks, students would first need to master prepared edge appliqué. Hand embroidery details, silk ribbon and beaded embellishments, as well as inking and dimensional flowers and leaves are all
great ideas for subsequent lessons. Since the book has blocks based on the seasons, teachers could decide to work on the blocks for the time of year that the classes begin.
Recommended Supplies and Classroom Preparation
The supply list below would be a good starting point for students and stores alike. All students will need access to electrical power, good lighting, a waste basket, a class large iron and ironing board, and it’s very helpful to have rotary cutting mats, cutters, and rulers for student use.
Book: Seasons of Life, Techniques and Patterns for 13 Baltimore Album Quilt
Blocks by Sandra L. Mollon
Fabric: Students will need background fabric for the quilt they wish to make.
Students wishing to complete just a small wall hanging may need less yardage than recommended in the book.
Additionally they will want a collection of fabrics to appliqué, I would recommend at least 20-25 fat quarters in a variety of colors and values similar to the colors used in each block, or as desired.
All students will also need:
Freezer Paper
Scissors for both paper and fabric
A small stencil brush (1/4”)
Spray sizing A small jar or dish (to spray the sizing into)
A small iron and ironing mat
Needles for hand appliqué (Milliners size 10 or 11)
Fine thread for hand appliqué (I use silk thread, but many other choices are
available on the market)
1/4” bias tape maker (other sizes will also be handy to have)
A stiletto
A wooden turning tool for appliqué.
Silk Pins
Roxanne’s Glue Baste-it
Future lessons will need:
Embroidery threads and needles, beads and beading threads, rick rack,
Tsukineko inks and markers, and Ultrasuede (recommended for small areas)
various colors. See book for recommendations.