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Robin Vizzone

Robin Vizzone

Robin Vizzone’s family is filled with artists. Her grandmother Eva B. McAdams was an accomplished and renowned Native American beadwork artist. She taught Robin how to thread a needle and hand sew at the age of five years old. Her mother is a talented needle-turn appliqué quilter creating in the genre of Baltimore Album–style quilting. She taught Robin to quilt when she was a teenager. As an Early Childhood Education teacher, Robin learned the importance of embracing the fundamental basics of any skill learned or taught.

Robin is a member of The Primitive Stitchers Society. She is the perfect author to lead us into the genre of primitives. Her style of primitive handwork is uniquely hers. Robin’s style embraces the whimsical and peculiar side of the genre, while incorporating traditional quilting elements that are familiar to most quilters.  

Her work has appeared in Simply Vintage, Quilt Country, and Primitive Quilts & Projects magazines. She teaches locally to shops and guilds and is currently expanding her teaching reach. She will be teaching in Suzdal, Russia, in August 2016.

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Robin Vizzone's Peculiar Primitives