Reclaimed Quilts Class Plan


From Reclaimed QuiltsSew Modern Clothing & Accessories from Vintage Textiles, by Kathleen McVeigh and Dale Donaldson  

The Mia Vest 


Class Description: 

This is a great entry-level class for apparel construction that will ask students to transform a vintage quilt or blanket into a vest. While this is a beginner class, previous basic sewing machine skills are required. Each student will walk away with a one-of-a-kind wearable piece of clothing that preserves and transforms the textile they brought to class.


Class Length: 

This one-day class should take no more than 2-3 hours. 


Class Supply List: 


Classroom Preparation: 

Each student will need a fairly large workstation to spread out and cut their quilt. Sewing machines for each student will be needed, and the machines will either need a zig-zag function or overlock machines (sergers) will also be needed. Students should be expected to bring a quilt or blanket that is pre-washed and ironed. Paper patterns of the Mia Vest must be pre-printed for each student. Students should know their desired vest size before attending the class.


Class Agenda:

  • Begin class with an introduction to creating a visually pleasing design with your quilt. Refer to the chapter “Pattern Placement: Utilizing a Quilt’s Layout to Create Beauty.”  

  • Cover “Attaching Bias Tape” in the Sewing Techniques Chapter 

  • Complete the “Mia Vest” project.