Radiant Landscapes Class Plan

by Gloria Loughman

Class Title - The Cypress Trees of Florida

Class Description
Make a small wall hanging featuring a background of square tiles and a silhouette of stunning Cypress trees. In this class you will learn how to construct the beautiful background, learn of suitable fabrics for water and embellish with a silhouette of trees. The pattern includes the design for the Cypress trees but student could select other tree silhouettes for this project. Each student will take home a wall hanging that is already quilted as part of the process. This is certain to be a finished project rather than another UFO. The techniques from this class can be used to make other landscape quilts, changing the scene and the shape of the tiles.

Class Length
This is a class that requires two full days or perhaps 4 3-hour sessions.

Class Supply List

  • Required text: Radiant Landscapes by Gloria Loughman
  • Base fabric - 19'' x 21'' (to be placed under tiles)
  • Tile fabrics - 1/2 yard of one fabric that changes color or 4-5 fat quarters of fabrics that blend making sure there is a progression from dark to light.
  • Water - 1/3 yard
  • Tree line in background - 1/8 yard
  • Cypress Trees - 1/2 yard
  • Narrow border - 1/6 yard
  • Binding - 1/3 yard
  • Backing fabric - 21'' x 31''
  • Freezer paper - 1 yard
  • Steam A Seam 2 Lite - 1 yard of 24 inches wide or two yards of the 12''-wide
  • Batting - thin batting preferable - 21'' x 31''
  • Threads to blend with tiles to match Cypress trees and water.
  • Invisible nylon thread - eg, Monopoly by Superior Threads.
  • Medium tip Sharpie
  • Pencil
  • Scissors - small sharp scissors for cutting out trees as well as paper scissor
  • Rotary Cutter, Patchwork ruler and cutting mat.
  • Pins
  • Size 60 machine needles and size 80 top stitch needles
  • Quick unpick

Tip: To make it easier for students to take this class, make up kits of fabrics for the base, tiles, water trees and backing fabric. Could also include batting, Steam A Seam 2 Lite, and threads. Another alternative is to spend some time in the first session discussing suitable fabrics and then helping students select fabrics that blend in their chosen color scheme.

Classroom Preparation
Each student will need a sewing machine that is in good working order, a walking foot and darning foot. Each student will also need enough table space to spread out their project on the surface plus room for cutting tiles. There will also need to be pressing stations for communal use.

Class Agenda

Refer to the instructions on pages 111-114 and the pattern on page 115 as well as detailed instruction and information in earlier chapters as noted below.

  • Session 1
    Choose fabrics (page 45), trace pattern to freezer paper (page 57 and 112) and start cutting tiles (page 60, page 112)
  • Session 2
    Select base fabric (page 62) and place tiles in position (page 64). Fuse in place and place on batting and backing fabric (page 69). Begin to quilt.
  • Session 3
    Add tree line and water (page 72 and 113). Stitch and quilt these segments (page 74). Trace trees onto Fusible web (page 88 and 114). Students could have the option of using their own tree designs or other images (eg, figures or buildings) at this stage.
  • Session 4
    Fuse trees in place, stitch using free-motion techniques (page 89) and apply narrow border (page 102) and binding (page 103)