Rachele Fisher & Virgie Fisher

Rachele FisherRachele Fisher is a former middle school and high school Latin teacher with degrees in Classics, Greek, and Latin. She has archaeology experience, with studies in Israel, Egypt, and Jordan. Rachele had seen many heartbreaking sights of animal cruelty and neglect while living in various states and traveling abroad. The unbearably helpless feeling of seeing a little fellow suffer and having no control to help has led her to become a supporter of rescue and humane groups.

Leaving behind her teaching career, she began creating adorable doggie dollhouses for small dogs. In 2005, she developed Studio D-og where she has combined her love of art and her love for dogs. The online boutique showcases one-of-a-kind and custom dog beds that are designed to look like doll houses, as well as fabulous Wearable Arf, wearable art for dogs, for a private Beverly Hills and Hollywood clientele. Her work has been featured in many luxury pet magazines and at celebrity events and has even been seen "behind the scenes" on film sets and at the 2006 New Year's Eve party at Chateau Marmont.

Virgie FisherVirgie designed and made her first quilt in 1989, depicting the history of the Sacramento area. Her quilt Sacramento Sesquicentennial was displayed at the California State Capitol and was purchased by the History Department of the world famous Wells Fargo Bank. Wells Fargo then commissioned her to create six quilts for their new 30-story, world-class building in Sacramento. The six quilts, which are reproductions of historical people from Wells Fargo history, were executed in the dimensional fabric sculpture for which Virgie is well known. Virgie was also invited to display a one-woman exhibit of her quilts and wearable art for seven weeks at the California State Capitol in January/February 1992, opening a new door for textile exhibits. Virgie has designed for the Fairfield and Bernina Fashions Shows since 1991.

Virgie also presents a lecture and fashion show describing her techniques and design inspirations for quilt guilds, wearable art groups, textile art groups, and women's organizations. Everyone enjoys her inspiring stories and studies about clothing. Her accomplishments are pages long, and her quilts and fashions are truly works of art that display her unique and imaginative machine art applications. Students and teachers alike are stirred with new enthusiasm after lectures and workshops with Virgie.

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