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Quilt Traditions

Potion Class

From Quilt Traditions

By Devon Lavigne

Class Description:
Potion blocks are constructed using partial seams, which are easy and fun, and another skill to add to your repertoire.

  • Beginner +
  • You’ll come away from this class having mastered the partial seam construction method
  • This is easy sewing; the skill-building takeaway is the partial seam method, which is the only way to construct certain kinds of blocks


Class Length:
4 hours.

Class Supply List:

  • Required text: Quilt Traditions
  • Fabric (p. 54):
    • 11 light to medium-value fat quarters (2 ¾ yards total)
    • 11 medium to dark-value fat quarters (2 ¾ yards total)
    • ½ yard for border 1
    • ½ yard dark for border 2 and binding
    • 5 yards for backing
    • 75˝x 87˝ batting
  • Sewing machine, in good working order, and operating manual
  • Neutral thread, as well as several bobbins wound with the same neutral thread
  • Small snips
  • Spray starch
  • Sewing kit (seam ripper, silk pins, awl, and extra machine needles)

Class Agenda:

I’ve included links to my blog that demonstrate some of the methods used and show the original quilt—please feel free to share! 

  1. Set-up: introductions, shop amenities (coffee, washrooms, etc.). 5 min.
  2. Class descriptions and agenda. 5 min.
  3. Fabric preparation (press fabric well with spray starch) and short lesson on cutting. 20 min.
  4. Cutting blocks (p. 54). 30 min.
  5. Block assembly demo and practice (p. 55). 30 min.
  6. Making the pinwheels. 30 min.
  7. Adding the B half-rectangles. 30 min.
  8. Finishing the partial seams. 30 min.
  9. Extra work time. 1.5 hours.

TIP: I’m crazy about fat quarters; many of my quilts are designed with them. As a former shop owner, I know that fat quarters paired with a good pattern are regular sellers, are lots fun for shoppers, and are great stash builders. Consider pre-bundling kits for busy or last-minute shoppers.