Point, Click, Quilt! Class Plan

by Susan Brubaker Knapp

Class Description
Learn to create this beautiful butterfly project using fusible appliqué and thread sketching and come away with a finished top for an art quilt. For intermediate quilters with some free-motion stitching experience.

Class Length
Option 1: One 6 hour class
Option 2: A 2-day class; cover thread sketching and free-motion quilting on day 2.

Class Supply List

  • Required textbook: Point, Click, Quilt! by Susan Brubaker Knapp
  • Enlarged line drawing (p31-36 and p47)
  • Desired fabrics (p48) and backing fabric
  • 50- or 60-weight cotton thread in shades of blue, green, black and white (for thread sketching)
  • fusible adhesive, such as Lite Steam-a-Seam 2
  • Transfer paper, such as Saral Wax-Free
  • Medium-weight upholstery vinyl
  • Machine quilting thread, batting, small sharp scissors, masking tape, pins
  • Quilter’s chalk marking pencils, fine-tip permanent marker

TIPS: Set up a shopping day before class for students to help them choose their fabrics and supplies. Kit some fabrics with threads, fusible adhesive, and interfacing.

Classroom Preparation
Ironing stations and plenty of workspace for each student. Provide some lightboxes (one for every two students works well) if the room doesn’t have sunny windows.

Class Agenda
Follow the Basic Instructions (p31-36) and the project instructions (p48):

  • make a positioning overlay
  • prepare background fabric
  • trace shapes onto fusible adhesive and fuse them to the wrong sides of the fabrics
  • position your pieces on the background and fuse
  • transfer lines to be thread sketched
  • pin and prepare for thread sketching