Sandi Cummings

Sandi CummingsSandi Cummings balances her time between local teaching, a national lecture/workshop schedule, and, most importantly, her art quilt creations. Sandi's work has been juried into many prestigious art quilt shows, including Visions, Women of Taste, and Quilt National. She has numerous pieces in both personal and corporate collections. Sandi resides in Moraga, California.

Sandi is drawn to quilting by the opportunity to blend the warm and tactile properties of fabric with the richness of color and patterning. She believes that fabric art is a woman's heritage, and enjoys being part of that group of artists who have chosen to express themselves with original designs in cloth and thread. For her, quilts and other fabric art represent the quiet strength of women and the caring side of humanity. They are symbolic of how dedicated women attempt to bring beauty to the home and family and to our everyday lives. In keeping with that spirit, she wants her work to be affirmative, and to reflect vitality and strength.

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