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One-Block Wonders Cubed! Class Plan

by Maxine Rosenthal & Joy Pelzmann

Fast and Furious: Cubes (and Beyond)

Class Description

  • This project is perfect for any level quilter
  • Learn how to construct a hollow cube, how to stretch it and add other cubes or parts of cubes around it
  • The ability to construct all the different cubes (hollow and otherwise)
  • This will add depth and excitement to your One Block Wonder quilts. These are geometric and bold, and fun to create.

Class Length: Full day class
Helpful if the student already knows about hexagons and cubes

Class Supplies

Classroom Preparation

  • A sewing machine for each student
  • Cutting and pressing stations
  • Design wall, so that you can view your work from afar.

Class Outline - Refer to the book for page numbers as noted
Follow the instructions on pages 29-36

  1. Cut strips of light, intermediate and dark fabrics and sew the striped triangles.
  2. Cut strips of light, intermediate and dark fabrics and sew the ‘V’ triangles.
  3. Lay out the ‘V’ triangles and place the striped triangles of the same colors beside them
  4. Start with a hollow cube and stretch it.
  5. Put other structures behind it. Practice with all the different shapes that can be made. Fill in with One Block Wonder hexagons if desired.