New English Paper Piecing Class Plan

by Sue Daley

Class Description

  • For all skill levels
  • Learn new techniques for English Paper Piecing - an age-old tradition together with new technology makes this class appealing to everyone
  • This is one of the easiest and most precise patchwork techniques!
  • Class project will be your choice from the book

Class Length
6 hours

Class Supply List

Visit the author's website, Patchwork with Busyfingers (, for more information on the following supplies (wholesale and retail):

  • Size 11 milliners needles
  • Pre-cut paper shapes and acrylic template
  • Appliqué glue
  • Rotating cutting mat (rotating version is helpful but optional)

TIP: Kit these supplies in advance to make it convenient for students and to encourage them to work with high-quality tools and supplies. Have additional paper shapes for sale, as they are disposable. (see p11-13)

Classroom Preparation
This is a hand-sewing class; no extra space is needed other than ironing stations.

Class Agenda

  • Demonstrate the ease of cutting fabric with the acrylic template and the Patchwork with Busyfingers Rotating Cutting Mat (p15-18)
  • Show how fast it is to glue the edges of the fabric over instead of painstakingly tacking them
  • Show how using the right needle and thread (per supply list) eliminates unsightly stitches on the right side of their work
  • Work through the project instructions of your choice in the book