Modern Color Class Plan

by Kim Eichler-Messmer

Hand Dyed and Quilted Zipper Clutch

Class Description

This dyed and quilted zipper clutch is fast and fun to make. Everyone who sees it will be totally jealous that you have such great taste and they will be in awe of your mad dyeing and quilting skills.

This project is perfect for any skill level. Students will learn how to dye beautiful mottled fabric, do basic quilting, and sew in a zipper. Each student will complete a quilted zipper clutch and will have extra dyed fabric to take home. (shown on page 35)

Class Length
4 hours: 2 hours to teach the dye process and allow each student to dye a couple of pieces of fabric, plus 2 hours to quilt and sew the clutch.

Class Supply List
Required text: Modern Color: An Illustrated Guide to Dyeing Fabric for Modern Quilts by Kim Eichler-Messmer
4 fat quarters of PFD white fabric (PFD White Kona Cotton works perfectly)
-note: 1 fat quarter will be used for the exterior, the other 3 are to take home
1 fat quarter of coordinating fabric for the lining
2 pieces of cotton quilt batting 11" x 13"
10" zipper to coordinate with the outside fabric
Thread for piecing and quilting
4 Quart size plastic containers
Rubber gloves
Dust Mask

Classroom Preparation
Dye Preparation:
There needs to be easy access to warm water and a station set up for measuring and dissolving dye (usually 1 dye station per 4 students is adequate, see page 18 for information) plus tables that can be easily cleaned.
It would be best to have a class set of dyes and auxiliaries for everyone to share:
2 oz of each dye color (page 13)
1 qt Synthrapol
1 lb soda ash
Measuring spoons and cups, plastic spoons

Sewing Preparation:
Each student needs a sewing machine with a zipper foot and walking foot; set up common cutting and pressing stations.

Class Agenda
Follow the instructions beginning on page 36 to demonstrate how to:

  1. Dye the fabric mottled colors (refer to pages 20 – 23 for more how-to and safety information).
  2. Wash out hand dyed fabric (page 23)
  3. Cut the fabric pieces and quilt the outer fabric to the quilt batting
  4. Sew in the zipper and lining
  5. Finish the quilted clutch