Missouri Star Quilt Company

msqc-logo.jpgMissouri Star Quilt Co. is a grassroots business that started in 2008 in Hamilton, Missouri. The family-run company began with a brick-and-mortar shop and an online store. In just six short years, it has revitalized the small town of Hamilton and introduced thousands of people to quilting.

The face of Missouri Star Quilt Co. is the matriarch of the family, Jenny Doan. Doan has become one of the biggest celebrities in quilting. Her popular quilting video tutorials have turned her into a YouTube sensation. Her most popular video has well over a million views! The company's website (missouriquiltco.com) sells the largest variety of precut fabrics in the world. Also on the website is the popular "Quilter's Daily Deal" as well as an online community for quilters with hundreds of tutorials, an online forum, and more. This has proven to be a recipe for success among quilters.

Jenny Doan, star of the MissouriQuiltCo YouTube channel, is beloved for her approachable demeanor and contagious enthusiasm for quilting. Jenny and her husband live in the small town of Hamilton, Missouri, where they run Missouri Star Quilt Co. with several of their children.

Natalie Earnheart is an artist and a quilter. Her designs and ideas have been made into tutorials and templates that reach millions of quilters around the globe. When she is not quilting or designing, you can find her working behind the scenes at Missouri Star Quilt Co.


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