Mickey Lawler

Mickey Lawler

Mickey Lawler has been involved in quiltmaking since 1968 and is the creator of SKYDYES, a business specializing in her original hand-painted landscape fabrics. Her exhibits and awards for quilting and surface design have been numerous, including a retrospective of 23 of her quilts as a Featured Artist at the San Diego Quilt Show.

Mickey has been in demand by guilds and at conferences as an enthusiastic instructor of her serendipitous style of fabric painting for more than 20 years. Her workshop students work and play in a relaxed atmosphere that transcends simply learning technique. In her fabric paintings and her classes, Mickey emphasizes collaboration with, rather than mastery over, the medium. "The difference," Mickey says, "is that students create a personal fabric by learning to listen to the paints as they work and subsequently begin to welcome unexpected results not seen in the commercial fabric industry."

A lifelong resident of Connecticut, Mickey received her BA from the College of New Rochelle and her MEd from the University of Hartford. She has engaged in many independent art studies through universities and private courses. She lives in the town in which she grew up and continues to be inspired by the landscape of New England.

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