Megan Eckman

megan eckman

Megan Eckman learned to embroider with her grandmother when she was little. She wasn’t that good at it though, so she forgot all about it until her mid-twenties when she burned out on her art career. One of her late-night, tear-soaked embroideries ended up starting PopLush Embroidery. Over the years, she’s added her husband, Jeffrey Opp, as head photographer and graphic designer, and her cat, Ady, as CFO (Chief Feline Officer) to the team.

Megan has written for Bust and Mollie Makes, won a business grant from Spoonflower, and made it onto Country Living’s 100 Most Creative People list in 2018. When she’s not designing new, bold embroidery patterns for her fans, she’s out exploring new places on her bicycle. She lives in Vancouver, WA.

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