Machine Quilting Solutions Class Plan

by Christine Maraccini

Machine Quilting - Decoding Your Way to Success
You really can quilt every top you make

Class description:
In this class, you will learn how to choose and execute machine quilt motifs to give your already pieced quilt top a beautiful finished look. First, you will learn how to decode your quilt top to find the basic shapes in your design. Then you'll learn to plan how to most effectively quilt your top, using the methods in the book. You will leave with a sketched "map" of your quilt top and a plan for how to quilt it at home. You will be empowered with the tools to learn the quilting motifs, and the ability to get started on your quilting project.

Approximate class time:
About 4 hours

What each student will get:
A completed "map" of your quilt to follow when you quilt it at home, plus the skills you need to finish quilting your top.

Project supplies:

Advance preparations:
Bring thread cards for the threads you recommend (these can be obtained by contacting Superior Threads). Also bring samples of batting for that portion of the discussion.

During the class:

  1. Refer to pages 6-11 of Machine Quilting Solutions-Techniques for Fast and Simple to Award-Winning Designs to discuss basic machine quilting, thread theory, batting, and fabric.
  2. Refer to the "Snapshot of the Decoding Process" located on page 17 of the book to lead the group discussion of the student's quilts. Follow through the first 6 steps of the process for each quilt top brought in by the students. Discuss only one top per student the first time through.
  3. When auditioning designs, demonstrate how the quilting will look by laying a piece of C&T's Quilter's Vinyl on top of the quilt and drawing in the quilting with a wax pencil.
  4. Encourage each student to sketch the quilting designs onto their map, and also to mark down the threads that they have chosen for each part of their quilting.
  5. Go through the last 3 steps of the process, teaching the students the steps of how to learn to free-motion quilt the motifs in the book. This will give them the tools to practice and learn the designs at home.
  6. If time permits, discuss any other tops that the students have brought to class.