Kitty Capers Class Plan

by Carol Armstrong

Goldie and the Butterfly

Class Description

  • A fun appliqué design for the cat lover and soon-to-be appliqué lover.
  • A small quilt/appliqué project for anyone from expert to the beginner with a bit of sewing experience.

Class Length: 2 - 3 hour classes

First 3 hour class will get students started with the basic skills and have much of the appliqué finished depending on experience. Second 3 hour class can cover borders, quilting and bindings. This class could also answer student questions.

Class Supplies

Classroom Preparation

  • Cutting and pressing stations
  • Light boxes to share

Class Outline - Refer to the book for page numbers as noted

  1. Begin with the basic explanation of lightbox appliqué (page 8)
  2. Appliqué your selected design.
  3. Add any embroidered details if desired.
  4. Add the border, quilt and bind.