Kim Schaefer's Wool Appliqué Calendar Quilts

Beginning Wool Appliqué

From- Kim Schaefer’s Wool Appliqué Calendar Quilts

Class Description- This class is perfect for beginners, however experienced stitchers will enjoy it as well. Students will learn the basics of wool appliqué including different wools, threads and needles. They will learn some basic stitches. The Pattern Pack is perfect for a quilt of the month program! Many shop owners were very successful with Quilt of the Month programs for the original Kim Schaefer’s Calendar Quilts. This class offers an opportunity to customers who enjoy wool or would like to try and start working with wool 12 fun whimsical projects, one for each month of the year.

Class Length- I think the class would work best in three sessions, each 2 1/2 hours long. There could also be a 4th session for students who would like the opportunity to learn some more advanced stitches.

Class Supply List-
Kim Schaefer’s Wool Calendar Quilt Pattern Pack
Assorted needles
Assorted threads
Cotton fabrics for backgrounds and borders
Paper backed fusible web
Good quality sharp scissors
Wool ironing mat
Rotary cutter
Acrylic ruler
Cutting mat

Classroom Preparation- You will need individual workspaces. For Session 2 you will need communal sewing and ironing stations.

Session 1- talk to students about different wools, needles and threads.
Give examples- possibly make a 5” wool square showing various needles and threads.
Allow students to shop.
* show how to trace the appliqué shapes using the paper backed fusible web.
* show how to cut background and border squares using a rotary cutter, acrylic ruler and mat.

Homework for students- before the next session students should trace and cut the appliqué pieces and put in a baggy. Cut the background and border pieces and put those in a separate baggy.

Session 2- piece border squares and sew them to the background. Iron on the appliqué pieces. Show students how to whipstitch  around the appliqué pieces using invisible thread.

Homework for students- students should come to session 3 with all the appliqué pieces whipstitched down.

Session 3- Demonstrate the basic stitches.
Blanket Stitch
Wrapped Backstitch
French Knot
Running Stitch
Stem Stitch

Start stitches. Show how to layer, quilt and bind the quilt.

Possible Session 4- show interested students more advanced stitches.

* For shop owners who will be kitting the 12 individual months, have kits available for students to pick up the first of every month. Have show and tell- allow students to share and show their work.
* Bringing the students in once a month to pick up kits gives you an opportunity for add on sales of additional thread, needles,etc.