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Judy Gauthier


Judy Gauthier is a wife, mother, Critical Care Registered Nurse, quilt shop owner, and seamstress. She is the owner of Bungalow Quilting & Yarn, with locations in Ripon and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Judy started sewing at a very young age. She says that’s true of most accomplished sewists who, like her, owe their success to devoted 4-H leaders, mothers, and grandmothers.

Judy believes that doing fiber arts has as much to do with good health as regular exercise. She swears that her customers actually walk out of her shop with an increased serotonin level and quite possibly lower blood pressure—could it be due to the effect that color and friendship has on mood? Her theory is that bright colors and warm smiling faces will cure anything that ails you!

She grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and now resides in Ripon, Wisconsin, with her family and her standard poodle, Leroy.

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Judy teaches online at Creative Spark Online Learning. Click button below to view a list of courses.