Jen Daly

jen daly

Jen has been sewing and crafting all her life, but she didn't make her first ''real'' quilt until 2003. Busy with three young kids at home, she was searching for a creative outlet for her evenings and thought that quilting might fit the bill. Jen decided to make a Bowtie quilt and intended to do all of the work by hand, but when it took three nights to complete the first block, she decided to switch to machine piecing. By the time she had pieced and hand-quilted the 64-block quilt, Jen was hooked!

After making several more quilts, Jen decided to try her hand at design. In 2010, Quilters Newsletter published an article Jen wrote describing her experience as an entrant of the Keepsake Quilting Challenge. And in 2011, her first design was published as a companion project for a second quilting article. Since then, Jen's designs have been published in numerous magazines and calendars. She is also a quilting teacher and a regular contributor to the Moda Bake Shop.

Jen loves to make scrappy quilts, combining different fabrics such as homespuns and flannels with quilting cottons. She also loves handwork and frequently adds wool appliqué and simple embroidery to her projects to add personality and texture. Jen most often works with traditional fabrics and color palettes, but she also has a contemporary side that she indulges occasionally by experimenting with modern fabrics and colors.

Jen lives with her family in New Hampshire where she is continually inspired by the beautiful and ever-changing landscape.

Visit Jen's website, JenDalyQuilts and follow Jen on Facebook and Instagram at JenDalyQuilts. 

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