Hexie Garden Quilt

Hexie Garden Sunrise

From Hexie Garden Quilt

By Becky Goldsmith



Class Description:
Learn how to hand appliqué a show-stopping hexagonal block. Use it as the centerpiece of your own small quilt.This class is suitable for confident beginners and beyond.Students will learn how to appliqué and trim to size at least one wedge that makes up the larger hexagonal block.


Class Length:
A single class of 6 hours.

Class Supply List:

  •        Required text: Hexie Garden Quilt by Becky Goldsmith
  •      Optional reference book: The Best-Ever Appliqué Sampler
  •      Block background fabric: 1 yard of red
  • •       6 rectangles 10˝ ´ 12˝ (you will only use 1 in a 6-hour class)

  Set aside the remaining fabric to use when you make your quilt.

  •      Appliqué fabrics for this block: large scraps of fabric for the stems, leaves, and flowers
  •      Green block center fabric: 1/8 yard of fabric
  •        Small paper scissors
  •        Small fabric scissors
  •        One 9˝ ´ 11˝ rectangle of clear upholstery vinyl in a medium weight (keep any tissue paper that might come with the vinyl)
  •        An ultra fine point Sharpie marker in black
  •        1 sheet of Essential Self-Adhesive Laminating Sheets
  •        Needle and pins suitable for appliqué
  •        100% cotton 2-ply thread to match the appliqué fabric
  •        White chalk pencil
  •        A Sewline or similar gray/black 0.9 mm pencil for lighter fabrics
  •        A sandpaper board or a sheet of fine-grain sandpaper
  •        A baggie for your templates
  •        A light and an extension cord in case the room is dark (note that this may not be necessary or feasible in all classrooms)
  •        Optional: pillow or lap board to rest forearms on

Additional supplies that won’t be used in class:

  • 10˝ Clearview Triangle 60° Acrylic Ruler
  • Fabric for the rest of the quilt:

-Yellow, gold, light orange, turquoise, and white fabrics: 1/8 yard each

         -Orange, pink, and blue fabrics: ¼ yard each


Shop Opportunity! Be prepared to sell any supplies that you like to use for hand appliqué, including scissors, pins, needles, thread, overlay vinyl, Essential Self-Adhesive Laminating Sheets, Thread Heaven, scissor fobs, and any kind of cute boxes or carrying cases for handwork.

Classroom Preparation:

  • Irons and ironing surfaces
  • At least one cutting mat and rotary cutter with a 10˝ Clearview Triangle 60° Acrylic Ruler to demonstrate how to trim a block into a wedge (pp. 6–7)

Teacher Preparation:

  • Make one block in advance to demonstrate how to trim the block to size. It is fine to fuse this block.
  • Be prepared to demonstrate how to make templates and overlays.


Class Agenda:

1. Cut the templates free from the pattern page and make templates (p. 16).

2. Make a positioning overlay of the pattern (p. 17).

3. Students who do not have a 10˝ Clearview Triangle 60° Acrylic Ruler will need to make a wedge pattern (p. 7).

4. Prepare the block background (p. 16).

5. Teach cutaway appliqué on the stem (p. 19). Finger-press and use the placement overlay (p. 18).

6. Teach how to stitch outer curves and circles (p. 20).

7. Teach outer points, referring to The Best-Ever Appliqué Sampler (pp. 42–48), or use your favorite method.

8. Show how to trim the block and add the green block center using a block prepared in advance (p. 6).

9. Teach how to trim the block into a wedge using the Clearview Triangle Ruler or the template (pp. 6–7).